New preprint posted!

Check out Javier’s new preprint on modeling flow forces in vitro.

New Publication!

Check out Sarah’s new paper on high throughput screening of CRISPR indels.

Congrats Dymonn!

Congrats to Dymonn on her appointment to WashU’s Integrative and Systems Biology of Cardiovascular Disease Training grant!

Congrats Sarah!

Congrats to Sarah  on her appointment to a position on WashU’s Cardio/ Pulmonary T32!

Congrats Sarah!

Congrats to Sarah on her best poster win at NAVBOs 2020 annual meeting!

Welcome Megan!

Welcome to the lab!  Megan will be joining us as a research technician in January.

Congrats Javier!

Congratulations Javier on being appointed to a T32 affiliate position through the Center of Regenerative Medicine!

Congrats Zarek

Congratulations to our research technician Zarek Burton who was accepted into WashU’s masters program!

Welcome Dymonn

We would like to welcome our first DBBS graduate student to the lab, Dymonn Johnson.  We’re excited to see where your studies will take you!

Welcome Sarah

We would like to welcome our most recent postdoc Sara Colijn. We’re excited to have you join us!

Congratulations Javier

Congrats to Javier on his Best Poster win at NAVBO’s 2019 annual Vasculata Meeting!